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 “When you change what you believe, you change your story about yourself, and suddenly life becomes a beautiful dream. Ray Dodd  will show you how.”

 -don Miguel Ruiz M.D., author, The Four Agreements

“…an inspiring, practical roadmap for creating the kind of life we all long to live.”

Patricia Aburdeen, author,  MEGATRENDS 2010

“Dispelling the myth that we are frail biochemical machines controlled by genes, leading edge science now emphasizes the starring role our experiences and perceptions play in regulating our biology and behavior. BeliefWorks expands upon this awareness, offering insights into how beliefs create every aspect of our personal reality. I highly recommend this inspiring book as a guide for experiencing a life overflowing with peace, happiness and love.

 –Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., author, The Biology of Belief

BeliefWorks was hard to put down! I kept marking passages to go back to and reread or read to my husband. Thank you for assisting me on my journey.”

– Marti Woodward, Leadership Coach, Colorado

“Extending the penetrating insights revealed in The Power of Belief, BeliefWorks offers even more. I highly recommend it.”

 – Alan Nordstrom Ph.D., Professor of English, Rollins College

“Simple, straightforward, and immensely inspiring….”

Simeon Hein Ph.D., author of Planetary Intelligence

 “Ray’s book is intensely insightful and infinitely useful…..”

Fred Dearborn LPC, Psychotherapist, Colorado


About Ray Dodd

In 1996, after a chance meeting at the pyramid ruins in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Ray Dodd embarked on a 6-year apprenticeship with his mentor, don Miguel Ruiz M.D. author of the best-selling and widely beloved book, The Four Agreements.

As author of the books, BeliefWorks and The Toltec Secret to Happiness, Ray is a leading authority on belief-change and has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations shift limiting beliefs in order to affect lasting and positive change.

In addition, he is a much sought after speaker and teaches seminars about his Power of Belief  belief-change program throughout the United States and abroad.

In addition to being an author, Ray has had careers as a professional musician, engineer, and a corporate executive for a nation-wide facilities company with over one billion dollars in annual sales.

“I have shared our Power of Belief  program with hundreds of people and what I’ve discovered is that when you desire a change, making the decision to act differently frequently doesn’t last! That’s because what’s incredibly powerful are the underlying beliefs driving everything you do. I’m amazed how quickly our Power of Belief  program transforms hidden fears into empowerment.  We have so many success stories! In a very short time people find themselves back on track – happy, with energy, passion, and a new sense of purpose.”

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Media Interview Topics/ Talking Points

 Q. What is the Toltec Secret to Happiness?

 Like most secrets, it’s not much of a secret at all. It’s out there for all to see yet invisible to all except those who are ready hear it. The Secret is simply this: Limiting beliefs result in drama and sadness, and positive beliefs support a life filled with happiness and possibility. To eliminate self-doubt, unhappiness, conflict, and regret, you must become aware of the beliefs you have that are rooted in baseless fear and learn to change them.


Q. It says in your bio that you completed a six-year apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz, MD, author of the best-selling book,The Four Agreements. What is the Toltec Wisdom Path that don Miguel speaks about?

There have been a series of writers in the last 40 years (Carlos Castaneda, don Miguel Ruiz and many others) who have popularized and created a lot of interest in the mythology of the Toltec’s.

The Toltec were an ancient culture chiefly located in what is now the pyramid ruins of Teotihuacán in the high midlands of Mexico. In a tradition that dates back thousands of years and continues today, the Toltec Shamans were known throughout Mexico as men and women of knowledge. One interpretation of the word “Toltec” is “artist.” They considered the manner in which you lived your life as your art; thus, the Toltec path was not a religion but more accurately a way of life.

This idea that you the artist of your life assumes that no matter what shape your life is in, it is your masterpiece – your creation. So, it follows that if you want to change that creation there is no way for you to do it unless you have an awareness of how your reality is significantly altered by your beliefs about everything. With that awareness it’s much easier to make the changes you want, to be free from base-less fear, and be happier.


Q. How did your time with don Miguel Ruiz impact your own process of change?

When I met don Miguel I was struggling with my own issues despite the fact that I had read mountains of self-help books, and tried numerous spiritual traditions. I had collected a lot of great knowledge but it wasn’t producing the changes I was looking to make.  Through my association with don Miguel I learned that I had created a filter I viewed the world through comprised of all my experiences, agreements, and beliefs. That was significantly impacting my attempts to change the behaviors I had that were making me unhappy.


Q. How is your book different from other books that promise change?

 There are many books out there that promise change and offer a lots of wonderful suggestions on how to do it. However, most focus on changing what you do – changing your behavior. Many people are frustrated because they spend a lot of money, energy, and time, but the changes they make don’t last. They fall back into the same old patterns despite their best efforts.  In order to effect lasting and positive change you need to change what you believe, not just what you do.  The book focuses on how to identify and change self-limiting beliefs.


Q. What is the biggest mistake people make when trying to make significant changes to their behavior so they’ll be happier?

They decide to act differently, which is an important step, but it doesn’t address what drives their actions. It’s like New Year’s Resolutions – have you ever noticed that the local gym is full in January and back to normal by March? Despite our best intentions changing our minds about what we are going to do is often not enough.  If you don’t address what is driving the behavior you want to change then the changes you are trying to make will only be temporary.


Q. Are you saying that if I try to make changes like: losing weight, having better relationships, improving my finances, or getting healthier – just doing something different is the wrong approach?

It’s only half the battle. You need to make a decision and take action to initiate change. Resolving to change your behavior is an important step. But, if you want the changes to last….you need to examine and change any beliefs you have that are impacting your behavior. The book focuses on that process.


Q. Can you give us an example of how your beliefs might affect your happiness? 

 Sure. One of my clients always goes the extra mile at work and with her family. She works harder and longer than anyone else. And, anytime there is a suggestion on how something can be improved she overreacts emotionally to what is suggested. Why? Because deep down she believes she can never get it right. That belief, often unseen, is making her unhappy and is an obstacle to deepening the important relationships she treasures.


Q. What is one thing you can do today to get unstuck – to stop repeating the behaviors you want to change?

90% of the process of changing a belief is awareness. Start addressing what is driving the behavior you want to change, rather than just forcing yourself to act the way you’d like to be. Pay attention to what is occurring when you get emotionally triggered. Look inward, not blaming others. What drives your behaviors – deep down – is all the things you have agreed to believe.


Q. You talk a lot about changing beliefs. Are you referring to values? Or what we know is true?

What I am talking about when I use the word: Belief, is not religious or political beliefs, but the unseen agreements that you made long ago that impact every thought you think, every word you say, and every action you take. The voice of those agreements is the conversation you hear chattering in your mind – proclaiming how things are, describing what you know, and telling you about everything you believe.


Q. If I read Toltec Path to Happiness will I be happier?

What I have discovered working with hundreds of people who have asked me to assist them in creating positive change in their lives, is that when they make changes to what they believe and not just their behavior, those changes last.


About The Toltec Secret to Happiness


The Toltec Secret to Happiness: Create Lasting Change with the Power of Belief

Author: Ray Dodd


Pages: 176

Trim Size: 5 ½” x 8 ½”

Binding: Trade Paper

Release: January 2014

Genre: Personal Growth/Self-Help

ISBN: 978-1-57174-704-4

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing, Charlottesville, VA 22906

About: Imagine being happy and content even in the most difficult times. An impossible dream? Not at all. But if your desire for happiness isn’t being reached by trying harder, having more, or knowing more the problem may lie hidden within the core of your deepest beliefs.

Our deepest beliefs impact every aspect of our lives: our performance at work, our issues with money, the state of our health, and how we conduct all our relationships. 

In “The Toltec Secret to Happiness” Ray Dodd reveals how hidden beliefs create barriers to living a happy life, and how to break through self-limiting boundaries by changing those beliefs.

In 1996, after a chance meeting at the pyramid ruins in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Ray embarked on a six-year apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz, MD, author of the widely beloved and best-selling book, “The Four Agreements.” 

Now, building on the Toltec Wisdom Path popularized by don Miguel, Carlos Castaneda, and many others, “The Toltec Secret to Happiness” offers four simple steps to heal any belief that stands in the way of your happiness.

Read it and discover:
How to Identify and Change any Self-Limiting Belief
The Key to Eliminating Regret, Worry, and Self-Doubt
The Secret to Staying Balanced and Happy, Even When Things are Falling Apart
The Most Effective Way to Achieve Lasting Change