“When you change what you believe, suddenly life becomes a beautiful dream. Ray Dodd will show you how.”

-don Miguel Ruiz, M.D., author of The Four Agreements


“Dispelling the myth that we are frail biochemical machines controlled by genes, leading edge science now emphasizes the starring role our perceptions play in regulating our biology and behavior. BeliefWorks expands upon this awareness, offering insights into how beliefs create every aspect of our personal reality.”

-Bruce Lipton, PhD., author of The Biology of Belief


“The Toltec Secret to Happiness is a beautiful work of art, and I am sure it will be a fundamental instrument in your path of transformation for many years to come.”

-don Miguel Ruiz Jr. , author of The Five Levels of Attachment


“So my question to you is… What DO you believe?  Many of us are very quick to answer that question, but stop and think about it.  Do you have beliefs that are holding you back …? Ray Dodd’s process ‘BeliefWorks’ can help you discover those beliefs and guide you to create a new and empowering ones so you can be all that you were meant to believe”

-Kim Magrogan, Regional Vice President, Arbonne International


“Love your books – they have changed my life. With blessings and love.”

-J. Draysey, International Vision Coach


“Thanks again for the wonderful training you gave me. It’s opened my eyes to new possibilities for myself and my practice.”

-Donna K.


“Your Power of Belief Process is a blessing in my life!”

-C. Sarris


“I have just completed an Undergraduate in Psychology, and though some of the subject matter touched on beliefs, there was nothing in the course clearly directing students to this core psychological matter. I hear exactly what you are saying in that if one does not change one’s beliefs then one will continue to get more of the same. BeliefWorks is very well written, the concepts are clear, and if people only had one choice in a book of self-development this would be my recommendation.”

-Lisa D.


“Ray is an incredible healer, teacher and guide. He not only helped me find the way to personal freedom, he showed me the greatest gift of all; self love. My life was full of illness and unhappiness. I was struggling through hell. Along with the wisdom of Toltec, Ray has helped me create a new dream through love and forgiveness. To him I am forever grateful.”

-Kim S.


“During .. my BeliefWorks sessions …. I discovered I had a pattern of taking action based on a belief that I needed to please everyone, otherwise they would not like or accept me. …. I discovered my deeply held beliefs about myself were making me a marionette to the opinions of others. Since I have changed those beliefs… I have received several promotions and tripled my income!”

-Andy J.


“I cried from Chapter 8 through Chapter 15. I laughed as well. I kept nodding my head and marking sentences and passages. I felt enormous relief and challenge reading this book. I couldn’t put it down. Mr. Dodd, and when are you coming to Boston? Blessings.”

-M.M. Smith


“The deep insight this experience gave me about myself was profound and I left the program much more enlightened about myself, my habits, patterns and beliefs. Your program was well worth every cent!”

-Shauna B.


“Thanks so much for The Power of Belief. I continue to explore my own beliefs and how these impacts my life personally and in my work as coordinator of a team of 10 coaches in a Welfare to Work Project in Washington. I have recommended this work to friends & colleagues. You have provided more light on the Journey.”

-Joe B.