Changing Your Beliefs About Wealth


On-line self-paced course that will show you how to change any  limiting beliefs you have about money and abundance.

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Introducing A Powerful Course That Can
Transform Your Relationship With Money

In this online course, you’ll have access to our Beliefs about Wealth program that has DRAMATICALLY increased the level of success for HUNDREDS around the world.

You’ll get a step-by-step process for REMOVING limiting beliefs you NEVER knew you had and seeing yourself in a new, more empowering way.

There are 10 course modules, including an introduction module.

Accompanying each module is an action guide that will lead you step by step through the material.

You’ll experience a SEISMIC shift in your feelings about money as you work through each module. These guides literally “lead” you to become aware of your own limiting beliefs, and help you install, new, more empowering and profitable ones.

And once you’re aware of your limiting beliefs about money, this will create a radical shift in your thinking and your behavior. And each action guide helps you achieve that. It’s not just an intellectual process—it’s a process of PROFOUND personal awareness.

With each module you will progressively restructure your beliefs so your behavior will ALWAYS SUPPORT your goals, leading to more abundance in your life.

This process is a practical, PROVEN method to align your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to create AUTHENTIC wealth…

We designed this on-line mentoring course with the intent for you to experience a change in your beliefs that is so profound it will unlock a new world of infinite opportunities for you. We have also created an environment that is fun, exciting and enticing you back to learn more!

This course is the equivalent to 12 Months of one-on-one Mentoring and includes :

  • The Complete “Changing Your Beliefs about Wealth” Program – 10 Written Learning Modules
  • The Audio Version of the Beliefs about Wealth Program – All of the Written Modules in an MP3 format
  • Step-By-Step Action Guides – Exercises designed to deepen your understanding of the material in each Learning Module
  • Accompanying Beliefs about Wealth Video Lecture
  • Bonus Report: Eliminate Common Energy Wasters

 We are offering all of this powerful wealth building material for $49.95.

If you still want More Details
about this Course…..

 Just read further to get a more detailed taste of what’s inside the “Beliefs about Wealth” course. It is the next best thing to one-on-one mentoring!

Module 1: Your Beliefs About Money: In this module you will explore the true nature of belief, and how unconscious personal agreements give a belief form and purpose. Deepening your understanding of what you have agreed to believe about money, abundance, and prosperity is the first step to INCREASING your wealth.

  • You’ll learn the difference between thoughts and beliefs, so you can make permanent, positive, long lasting changes in your life (p.4)
  • Discover how belief influences your perceptions, your behavior and your emotions…so you can consistently make smarter financial decisions (p.7)
  • Gain an x-ray ability to discover how you see life, how your beliefs affect every word you say, every thought you think, and every action you take (p.8)
  • Be able to understand how fear-based beliefs create emotional swells that PREVENT you from taking the steps you need to get on the road to wealth (p.9)
  • You’ll see how a limiting-belief can go UNDETECTED in your subconscious for years, preventing you from achieving your most important dreams (p.11)

Module 2: How Beliefs Are Built: How you apply meaning, sensory experience, and your personal history forms an UNCONSCIOUS lens of personal beliefs you experience life through. Once you develop a structure of belief, you project the context of what you “know” as “true” from your past experience into the present moment often creating ILLUSION. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • You’ll discover how beliefs are created so you can TRANSFORM any belief you have about money that may be holding you back financially (p.3)
  • Gain insight into how your PARENTS attitude about money has affected your financial situation (and you may not even realize it!) (p.8)
  • Understand how the voice in your head is nothing but a personal MYTH and how it is automatically taking over your behavior for better or worse (p.9)
  • You’ll be able to recognize commonly held beliefs about money in yourself and those around you, so you can stop them from keeping you TRAPPED (p.14)
  • Instantly be able to detect when you are falling back into OLD patterns of belief that are not contributing positively to your financial situation (p.16)

Module 3: Awareness: Beliefs are complex and until you know what you’re dealing with, and understand how it’s affecting your life, it’s hard to make a change. Awareness of your long standing debilitating beliefs is THE KEY to breaking the invisible chain that is holding you back from total contentment, abundance, and achieving what you desire most. Inside this module:

  • Learn the SECRET that will correct 90% of your limiting beliefs about money, and how you can do this almost overnight (p.3)
  • Develop and hone your power of INTENT so that you can find the answers you need to QUICKLY improve your financial situation for the better (p.6)
  • You’ll learn how to increase your “financial awareness” so that you can get CONTROL over your feelings, thoughts, and actions with money (p.7)
  • Every belief has an emotion point of view. You’ll see how this emotional perspective can create a never ending spiral of bad thoughts (p.9)
  • You’ll see how the WORDS you use impact your behavior about money such as how you spend or save it, and lose or invest it (p.12)

Module 4: Responsibility: In this module you will discover the missing link that alters all the talk about creating abundance into long lasting shifts in behavior and perception that will make many of your dreams a solid reality. The truth about responsibility is detailed giving you a road map to lead you from the circle of fear and inability to the circle of power. In this module:

  • You’ll discover a very important part of YOU that can release the true richness of life that’s ALWAYS been there waiting for you (p.2)
  • The way you respond to the word “responsibility” has MAJOR implications for your financial future. Learn an empowering perspective on (p.5)
  • You’ll learn a fun technique for discovering your own identity and how it relates to nearly EVERYTHING in you life (p.6)
  • Responsibility, plus a secret key ingredient = an incredible act of POWER. Find out what that secret is and turbo charge your ability to make money (p.7)
  • You have ABSOLUTE power over one thing and one thing only. Discover the source of this power and you will improve your financial prowess overnight (p.10)

Module 5: Stop Wasting Energy: Nothing will impact your goal of attracting wealth more than learning to conserve, and consciously apply your physical, mental, and emotional ENERGY. In this module we’ll show you how to align every money choice, every money decision, and any money point of view with the energy of wealth consciousness.

  • Life is complicated and full of choices. Using a this simple technique can help you clarify EVERY decision your facing that has to do with money in your life (p.4)
  • Learn what “wealth consciousness” is and how you can use it to be content, compassionate, courageous, engaged and excited (p.8)
  • Learn how to ELIMINATE wasted energy that is draining you and your bank account. Conserve energy and you’ll see abundance everywhere (p.10)
  • Learn an easy technique to use when you are making a decision about money. It will instantly help you make better decisions about spending and saving (p.7)
  • Find out how to take the “blinders” off and stop the feelings of being powerless and unable to change the world inside and outside of you (p.14)

Module 6: Conscious Creation: The final step to attracting real wealth is creating with clear INTENT. Building beliefs with clear intent, can only be done by using the same elements and dynamics that created any old limiting beliefs you have. As a matter of fact, it does not take anymore energy to create NEGATIVE beliefs than it does to create positive beliefs.

  • This is an exciting part of the course. In this module you’ll learn how to CREATE and instill new, POWERFUL beliefs about money and wealth (p.3)
  • Gain understanding of a principle that when applied you can create almost anything. Find out why you will ALWAYS create more of the same unless you understand how this astounding principle (p.4)
  • Learn why the final step to building beliefs with clear intent can ONLY be accomplished using these essential elements of belief (p.7)
  • Use this set of starter beliefs to EMPOWER you to create more wealth and abundance in your life. You can find them on (p.9)
  • Learn how stories in your life function to prevent EMOTIONAL discomfort and how they are holding you back from becoming financially free (p.11)

Module 7: Wealth Attraction: In this module we reveal three BARRIERS that can keep you from practicing your new wealth beliefs and how to avoid them. And, you’ll learn about one of the most potent forces of creation, intent!

  • Discover how your concepts of the future could be holding you back from making money right NOW in the present (p.4)
  • Learn how to TRANSFORM “timelines” so that you’re not always framing your success as an event that will happen in the future (p.5)
  • Learn how to recognize opportunities that are sitting right under your nose that you would otherwise have ignored (p.7)
  • You’ll see why things DON’T need to happen as you think they “should” in order for you to achieve the things you want in life (p.6)
  • When you learn to accept “this”… that one action will EXPLODE the circle of what is possible in your life and your financial futures (p.8)

Module 8: Authentic Wealth: Attracting wealth and inviting richness into your life is simply the act of EMBRACING all that life has to offer. Wealth includes fulfilling our deep desire for connection, abundance for the people we love and well-being for the world we live in. We all want a healthy planet, and the opportunity for a healthy and happy life. We want to experience a REAL connection with life and the mystery that lies beyond what we can understand. Inside you’ll discover:

  • If we approach money from a place of FEAR, whether we have it or not, our behavior is often in conflict with what we value. Overcome this on (p.4)
  • Sometimes the pursuit of wealth leads people to act in ways that are against their values. You can be in HARMONY with yourself by doing this on (p.6)
  • Learn the number one “thing” that determines your relationship with money–spending it, accumulating it, or earning it on (p.6)
  • Understand that real wealth creates time and opportunity and how you can do that in a responsible, ETHICAL and conscious manner (p.7)
  • You’ll see how to overcome the “negative” associations that people have with making money and how you can earn money in a positive way (p.5)

Module 9: Course Review: If you’re ready to create REAL wealth then this part of the course will help you summarize what you learned. It’s the part of the course where you solidify the concepts and make them part of your daily life. In order to create wealth, you need to TRANSCEND the intellectual understanding of wealth creation and create habits that enforce positive behavior. Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in this “review” module:

  • Beliefs are complicated structures that do not reside only in the mind. Understand how they are built and how they function to make real change in your behavior and ability to create WEALTH (p.3)
  • You can not change what you believe just by changing your thinking. Practice this key to changing your beliefs and control your personal and financial destiny (p.4)
  • Money can be an EMOTIONAL subject. Get insight on how your feelings about spending, saving, investing and wealth can increase your prosperity (p.5)
  • Discover how your personal myth is holding you back from the income you deserve. Learn how to uncover it and make it serve you better on (p.5)
  • Learn how to collect evidence that will build empowering beliefs and at the same time help advance your career and fill your bank account with cash (p.8)

   But in addition to the life-changing course materials, you’ll get access to a group of like minded peers who are traveling the same journey of inner-discovery…

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