The Power of Belief™ Intensive (Level 2)


  • One-on-One Private Phone/ Video Sessions
  • Eight week intensive program
  • For Advanced Students
  • Most effective way to experience the Power of Belief™ process.


This follow-up to the Power of Belief Intensive is an eight-week series further exploring the Belief Change process based on Ray Dodd’s best-selling book, The Toltec Secret to Happiness  (formally titled: “The Power of Belief.”)

(Only open to graduates of the Power of Belief Intensive) this Program Includes:

  • Eight 50 minute one-to-one weekly mentoring sessions.
  • 12 carefully crafted assignments to deepen your understanding of the Power of Belief.
  • 8 Experiential exercises to guide you into a new level of exercising you personal power.

Harness The Power of Belief by Discovering:

  • How to break limiting beliefs that control your actions and reactions.
  • The key to eliminating worry and negative self-talk.
  • The secret to changing any fear-based belief.

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