What’s Holding YOU Back
from the Financial Freedom You Dream About?


I’d like to talk about positive thinking for a minute.

 A LOT of people are CONVINCED that they can achieve their dreams simply by THINKING positively and visualizing their goals. And I’ve got to say, at one point in time, I was one of those people.

 I thought that I could simply focus on what I wanted and it would MAGICALLY appear in my life. But the truth is, it just DOESN’T work that way.

After a few years experimenting with how my mind affects my reality, I made a startling discovery. I found a way to fulfillment and personal freedom that was beyond my wildest imagination. What I discovered was simple and right in front of me, and yet it was in no way obvious. Despite its simplicity, it was so extraordinarily powerful that my ENTIRE outlook on life changed.

I discovered that my beliefs where literally running the show. They were a powerful under-current that influenced my thoughts and my behavior. Trying to change my thoughts was like trying to put out a fire by pouring water on the smoke. My beliefs were expressing themselves without my control over them. They affected my ability to make decisions, take risks, form strong relationships and MAKE money!

After I learned how to change my beliefs, everything in my life changed. By pulling on one thread of the fabric of my life, the whole pattern of my life changed.

This dramatic shift enabled me to build a self-sustaining business, live in Europe, travel the world and connect with people on a deep and authentic level. Although financial freedom was one result, the happiness and fulfillment I experienced were the biggest payoff.

Hi. My name is Susan Marshall and together with BeliefWorks author Ray Dodd, we have helped hundreds of people harness the power of belief. Now if you’re skeptical about positive thinking, I understand. But the BeliefWorks ™ process developed by Ray Dodd is COMPLETELY different. It’s NOT just about changing your THINKING. It’s about changing your BELIEFS. But more importantly, it’s practical, and it works.

Once you get the hang of it, not only will it transform the way you think about money, but almost EVERY other aspect of your life as well.

It’s worked for me. And I know it can work for you, too. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to what some others have said…

My Business Has Flourished

I was always reading self-development books but it wasn’t until I came across the work of Ray Dodd that things really start to change for me. What I discovered was my belief in myself was not at all where I thought it was. I had subconscious hidden beliefs that were affecting my business and my everyday life.

Once I was able to take 100% responsibility for my life and my beliefs, abundance started appearing everywhere. Now, I am a much different person on the inside than I was three years ago when started my business. This past year has been amazing!

My business has flourished! As a new Regional Vice President within my company, I received a brand new Mercedes-Benz along with a generous income that has given us a wonderful lifestyle. My family and I have been able to travel to Hawaii, Cancun, and the Mexican Riviera.

Ray Dodd’s insights can help you transform your limiting beliefs and guide you to creating a belief system that allows you to become everything you were meant to be!

Kim Magrogan
Columbia, Maryland

My Income Has Risen 40%

Like many of us today I did not realize that all my early childhood and adolescent negative messages were never true. I bought into them hook, line and sinker. As a result my life experiences were about pain, struggle, and scarcity. I truly had no idea that I could have another type of life.

Somewhere deep inside myself I always knew that I had to be worthy of a better life – there had to be more… I refused to accept that I would spend my entire life on this planet without finding the real truth. This is when I discovered Ray Dodd’s work and jumped in full throttle. I started with the intensive training in the spring of 2005, and then traveled to Teotihuacan with Ray and Susan in that fall of that same year. I had no money for the trip, no vacation time left from work, and no

one to care for my daughter while I was gone; but once I made the commitment – the doors flews wide open. It was as though the gates of heaven had finally shined a brilliant light upon me.

I have had a complete change on a mental, emotion, spiritual and physical level. I no longer play the sour note on the piano of life! I now live in a freedom I never thought I would have in this lifetime. I am at peace with my world and content.

I’ve become a mighty manifester. I recently purchased a home, and my income has risen 40% in the last three years without child support!

I will be forever grateful!

Lois Hughes
Grand Junction, Colorado

P.S.: When I took this course, I was able to quit smoking!

Received Several Promotions And Tripled My Income

I work as a supervisor in disaster rectification. During one of my projects, I was sent to a hotel where my crew was assigned to paint the pool. The hotel manager was frantic. On the upcoming weekend the hotel would be full and he had to have the pool ready so no one would complain. I knew the paint would not be dry, but I felt I needed to please the manager and so I allowed the pool to be prematurely filled. As a result, all the paint peeled and the whole job needed to be redone. My company lost money, the manager of the hotel was even more inconvenienced and I looked incompetent in the eyes of my employer. I felt terrible about the incident and talked about it during one of my BeliefWorks sessions with Susan Marshall. What I discovered is I had a pattern of taking action  based on a belief that I needed to please everyone, otherwise they would not like or accept me.

Through Susan’s program I discovered my deeply held beliefs about myself were making me a marionette to the opinions of others. Since I have changed those beliefs, I can now focus on facts, let go of my attachments to what other people think of me, and just get the job done right.

As a result, I have received several promotions and tripled my income!

Andy James
Parker, CO



What if you could create an empowering belief system that SUPPORTS your financial goals?

Changing Your Beliefs About Wealth is an on-line self paced course that guides you through a step-by-step process of REMOVING limiting beliefs about money.

Say this phrase to yourself:  “I KNOW I will be wealthy someday.”

Did you have a NEGATIVE reaction? Did you feel something strange deep down inside you? Perhaps a condescending voice in your head? If so, that’s evidence that you have deeply rooted LIMITING beliefs about wealth.

Isn’t time you stopped those feelings from holding you back?





WARNING: If you don’t overcome your limiting BELIEFS about wealth,
you may NEVER take the actions necessary to get what you desire.

Why? Because thoughts don’t drive  BEHAVIOR – beliefs do.

If you feel it’s just “impossible” or “not likely” you will simply NOT follow through with the actions necessary to achieve your dreams.

Beliefworks™ principals can be applied to any area of your life, but in this course we  concentrated on how it can be used to change your beliefs about money and wealth.  As a result we have called the course “Changing Your Beliefs about Wealth.” We’ve poured our heart and soul into it and it has already helped many people increase their incomes, create better relationships and experience a freedom many “money rich” people never do.

Changing Your Beliefs about Wealth is all about discovering the TRUE nature of your abundance beliefs and then designing a personal belief system that SUPPORTS your goals.

That way, you’ll have complete conviction that what you want is within the realm of possibility. Then, and ONLY then, can you unlock the behavior necessary for you to quickly bring many kinds of wealth into your life. Here’s 3 things it can do for you…

  • Experience a SEISMIC shift in your feelings about money as you work through each module. These guides literally “lead” you to become aware of your own limiting beliefs, and help you install, new, more empowering and profitable ones.
  • Create a shift in your thinking and your behavior once you’re aware of your limiting beliefs about money.  It’s not just an intellectual process—it’s a process of PROFOUND personal awareness. And it FEELS GREAT!
  • Restructure your beliefs so your behavior will ALWAYS SUPPORT your goals, leading to more abundance in your life.  This process is a practical, PROVEN method to align your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to create AUTHENTIC wealth…