Awaken the Power of Belief – Self Paced Program


  • On-line self-paced Belief-Change Program
  • Most popular program
  • Includes companion E-book
  • Blog connecting you with community of other users
  • Perfect If you can’t afford the Intensive Course.
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When you carry limiting beliefs about yourself or the world around you, they can hold you back from the success you dream is possible. Eliminate self-judgment, unhappiness, conflict, and regret by learning how to change negative beliefs.

“In order to experience lasting and positive change you need to change what you believe, not just what you do.” Ray Dodd –  Author, The Toltec Secret to Happiness.

Enroll in – Awaken the Power of Belief ! – and Discover:

  • The Secret to Identify and Change Any Self-Limiting Belief
  • The Key to Eliminating Regret, Worry, and Self-Doubt
  • The Most Effective Way to Achieve Lasting Change
  • How to Stay Balanced and Calm, Even When Things Fall Apart

The Course Includes:

  •  Eight carefully crafted lessons that expand on the principals contained in the best-selling book: The Toltec Secret to Happiness**
  • A companion E-Book that identifies key concepts for each lesson, provides definitions for terms used in the lesson, and maps out exercises to deepen your understanding of the Power of Belief  principals. (The companion E-Book is available on-line and a digital download in PDF form)
  • A blog connecting you with others taking the course where you can comment on your progress and discoveries.
  • A User Log-in that allows you to access the on-line course anytime, at your convenience.
  • Key Concept Quizzes to help you track your progress throughout the course.

 Click here to take a look at a sample of what you’ll get:


Interested in a more in-depth experience of the Power of Belief ™ process? Explore the Power of Belief Intensive


**The Toltec Secret to Happiness is the text for this course and foundation for all The Power of Belief Programs. The book is not included with the course, but is available for purchase here: The Toltec Secret to Happiness  It’s also available through your local book store and library.



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